Friday, July 31, 2009

No Show.

Today we woke to decent lines and offshore winds, The island was lining up well with a good ground swell rolling into the bay.
By around lunchtime the swell had kicked in and island had some fun ones coming through..
Teamed up with Nick O, Sully and Ewan to go for a swim and shoot some fisheye, Only managing to get 3 shots in before the camera decided to Error 99 on me (means it fucked up) forcing me to swim in and suss what had happened.
With 3 more attempts of swimming out to find another Err99 just before jumping off i called it a day and shot from land.

Also today they were thinking of holding the second round to the Shark Island Challenge...I felt the waves were good enough but Fordy (comp director) said there were too many of the competitors missing.

All in all a pretty shit day for me but managed to snag a couple of empties and this one of Ewan.

Island challenge looks good for tomorrow arvo.

Wave of the day.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shark Island.

Well it's challenge time as we speak, with the waiting period already being extended and the forecast not looking all that good what is going to happen? Who is going to be crowned champion of 2009?
I will leave this post with a couple of photos of things that may not be taken home by anyone.

The cheque.

The Wave.

L series.

Chris Dixon the great man he is has recently purchased a new amazing lens being a Canon 24-70mm 2.8L, It is such a versatile lens and tonight we got to put it to the test.
Heres just one from the nights adventures.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Lately i have been thinking about whos really pushing my photography in and out of the water, Who i look upto and who inspires me.

In no order here are some of the guys and reasons why these people are on this list.

Ray Collins.
His amazing fisheye skills is what inspires me in the "balls on the line situation".
Also a all round nice guy and has helped me many times.

Chris Gurney.
Being younger than me and having the natural talent that he has pushes me to further my skills on land and in the water. Always keen to show his new work and doesn't have a big head like many of the young dudes.
As well as being a good bloke.
Paul Gleeson.
A good mate and local photog whos approach to it is what gets me stoked. No matter what the lens he produces the goods. Such a laid back kind of guy with a good attitude towards photos and always keen for a beer. Him being there always pushs me to want to achieve more.

Chris Dixon.
Dicko is the exact same age as me and has a great talent for fisheye. The man can make something out of nothing with his fisheye and always enjoy shooting with him and seeing his work. He pushes me the most out of anyone as we are both always shooting together and always want to have the better shot.

These four guys all have a few things in common, They are all the nice guys with out attitudes, They are all talented with every lens in their hand, They are all keen to help out and always have hints and tips.
These guys may not be the big wig contracted photogs but these guys are the ones that inspire me to do what i do and push me to keep going and improve my shit.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


After a fun surf..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sam Bromwich.

you erd.

Nikon D200 Body $1200
Nikon 50mm $100
Nikon 80-200 $900
Nikon 10mm $800
SPL Housing Dome Port And 50mm/80mm Port $2000
SPL Pole Attachment $400

$4999 ONO.

Will sell in seperate items.

Contact Brom at the post.

No Deal.

Here are a couple of shots that the mags didn't want so i thought i may aswell put them on here.

Night life.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


There has been a few days over at mine. With the usual suspects getting some shackas, And also all the usuals posing in some serious myspace photos.

Challenging Island.

So they held the island challenge the other day...Waves were shit..Winds were pretty shit..Weather was shit. All in all it was a shit day..Didn't manage to snag a good shot from the comp either..Got one of john free surfing after.

John Showell

I then went out to find some good waves at another local with great conditions and good colour..
Dicko was there to lend a lens he has for the day. AMAZING SHIT.

Shaun Pyne.

Super waves.

Went down south a couple of weeks ago, Scored some decent waves from the 2 days.
Day one: Strachen and i left early in the morning cruised down the highway..a couple of hours laters we arrived, checked some spots to find some good swell and nice winds blowing. At our final check spot we pulled up to see some serious whitewash and a crew gathered watching on the ledge.
Waves were in the 6-8ft range with 2 guys out. We proceeded to watch it for about half an hour and decided it was time to get wet.
By the time i was in the water there were about 8 paddlers and 4 tow teams on it.
And here are the day one highlights bought to buy VCD.

All in all it was a successful fun day. The drive home was long and tiring after all day in the salt.

Day two: After checking the charts again we decided to head back down, This time Dre Boy, Gleeso and I. After the exact same drive we ended up at the same spot...Conditions were not as good, Overcast smaller swell but atleast winds were alright.
After about an hour and a half of sitting waiting and watching we decided we had come to far not to jump in...It was slow and inconsistant but we managed to snag a few decent shots.
Day 2 highlights.