Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Green Fairy.


More Waves.

The waves pumped for a few days and i got some of my best pics yet.
Ill keep this post short and let them do the talking.

Shaun Pyne
Shaun Pyne
Ben Player

Stick Boy

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Null.

The morning started well

The Cronulla area finally had some waves after a disgusting storm over the last few days..Winds turned offshore and the swell was hanging around.
About 58 People paddled there way out to the island and harassed each other for the waves on hand. There were many "wigs" out which made for a good day.
Stand out of the day would of been Wazza and Jimmy taming the lefts like no other.
Dicko was also giving it a nudge with some worthy barrels.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Waves abroad.

It seems that all of Aus has been getting waves of late. Photo's from pumping sessions all over the country are getting me amped. Even Cronulla had the massive swell, which ment that its hoax big swell spots were firing. These spots were some of the funnest waves i have ever surfed.
The fun started one day when we decided to go for a drive to the lovely Bundo, Winds were gross, Swell was MASSIVE and inside the bay was so much fun. Never have i witnessed so much sand in my life. I was pulling it from places on me i didn't even know existed.
Then we were off to the other end of the bay, to our surprise there was about 40 cars in the car park and more in the water. Still got some fun waves and was good to be in the water.
But all in all an eventful and fun day.

After the swell and settled and the winds swung around there were waves at all the normal joints.

Shaun Pyne.