Monday, August 31, 2009


There hasn't been anything happening around here so lack of posts which i apologise for.
There might be waves at later in the week so if there is expect some shots,

For now one of Jared Houston from a few weeks ago.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nick O.

Nick Ormerod is one very talented man in the water, With brother Simon to push him in the water and brother Alex always there to get the shot its no wonder the man surfs as well as he does.
Heres one of Nick at the Island.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Kyle Buchanan, The golden locked man from Menai with a fetish for drunk/underage woman has answered a few questions on his forte in life, "How to pick up chicks"

Here it is..

Straight to the point...


Would you buy a chick a drink if she asked:if she looked like some sort of dream californian love ..fuckno

best place to pick up:hotdam full of scene hookers

Best moment shared with a mate:to date,last weekend with zappa ruled shit

Where would you rate yourself on the sleaze 'o' meter on a scale of 1-100:200000

Best feature:blonde hell locks

advice to young guys on the tune:give up

Best place to tune:anywhere with drugs so pretty much sydney

Biggest hate with chicks:there constant need and want for something more than me..

Why the fuck would a chick be keen on you:drugs,booze,roofy,low standards,death bed or just being grace roby

Your view on Northies chicks?death doesnt come swift or soon enough to them all

Do you have a fulltime wingman?I normally just hang around jye's house when there is a good vibe and pick up the scraps,or the hutt in the toilets at hot dam looking for drunk girls...he know's itttttt.Or suck car park honey wagon.

Final say?God was taking the piss when i was born.


This is an interview Young photog Andrew Smythe did with Phil Gallagher.

It’s time to Le Boogie

After years of being the most sought after and respected surf photographer in the business, Phil Gallagher has decided to throw down the gauntlet with the launch of his own all-photography magazine – Le Boogie.

In the wake of the cancellation of Riptides Photo Annual, word of the creation of Le Boogie has aroused excitement among the masses. In the past the bodyboarding population has suffered a long wait for the Photo Annual, a single issue showcasing the year’s most amazing images captured by those who do it best. Le Boogie aims to curb this craving by delivering the best images by photographers from all around the globe in a gallery experience, but without the wait.

Sitting down to talk with Phil Gallagher brings up mixed emotions; you’d love to hate the guy. Containing the jealousy is a hard task as he casually talks about tropical adventures with the likes of Jeff Hubbard and Spencer Skipper, or reminiscing about the day’s session over a beer with Mike Stewart.

But these experiences aren’t taken for granted by the guy whose first shots were taken on a disposable camera in his home town of Urunga on the NSW mid-north coast. Since that time Gallagher has been passionate about photography, and now through Le Boogie he is able to give something back to the industry that has allowed him a life most only dream about.

While Gallagher said the concept of a magazine run and designed by bodyboarders isn’t new, it is something he wants to encourage, and in doing so “give photographers another avenue to shoot bodyboarding and make a career of it”.

“The most rewarding thing about Le Boogie is the idea of seeing young photographers advance through the magazine, teaching them new skills and then displaying their latest work to the public,” Gallagher said.

Le Boogie also embodies the changing way we receive information.

With technology allowing us to access news instantly from anywhere on Earth, by the time magazines go to print the information is often old or irrelevant. Gallagher believes if people want the latest news they will access it through other means ( internet). But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a future for magazines in a world which is becoming increasingly digital media orientated.

“I don’t think people will ever want to stop buying magazines, there will always be people who appreciate being able to walk over to the shelf and pick up a hard copy of the latest issue.”

And for those who want to see the latest photo galleries printed large on high quality paper, Le Boogie will be there – four times a year.

As Gallagher says, “I want Le Boogie to appeal to everyone, be it a kid who wants to get stoked on photos, or a guy who has bodyboarded for 10 years, they all appreciate good clean images”.

But everyone will be glad to hear Phil Gallagher plans to make the best of both worlds by using the latest pop culture icon, the iPhone. One of the most anticipated things about Gallagher’s new venture is the Le Boogie iPhone/iPod Touch app, which means the magazine can be delivered to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The idea of being able to page through the latest issue of Le Boogie when you’re stuck at work or on a train really is something to get excited about, especially when you consider the calibre of photographers and riders already getting involved, with the mag attracting both veterans and fresh talent.

“All the riders from the moment they heard about it have been so stoked on it, they have put a lot of their own time and effort into the first issue of le Boogie, and I will never be able to repay them” Gallagher says.

“Everyone has wanted to help in any way they can. Riders have a lot of pull in these things, without them there would be no Riptide, Movement or Le Boogie.”

- by Andrew Smythe

Le Boogie will be available to purchase online in early September. You can preview the mag at and place your order. The digital format will be available through iTunes. Shipping: 5 days nationally, 7-10 days international. Subscriptions offered in issue two.

You can view Andrews Blog here-

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Made a little collage a while ago i forgot about.
Here it is.

Le Boogie News,

Just got this in an email from Phil.

Click image for readable size.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Ryan Hutt, The long hair long limbed Nulla boy can generally be seen hanging in the suck car park, On his purple couch or in the toilets at Hot Dam,
Here is a little Q&A with the man himself.

Ryan Phutt

Shoe Size:

Biggest inspiration in the water:
pyno & notley

Biggest hate in life:
phil getting all the bombs haha nah ulcers are fair fucked

Weight of yours an Ayletts last sexual partner
if i attempt the digit Ill probly break my finger or the keyboard

Best session:
any with the BoIzZ out suck Ohhhhll you know it

Partner in crime:
sad to say but probly the kman, but scuppdog and aylett arnt far of

Are you the lead singer of Getaway Plan:

Whats with the purple couch:
besides gay photo shoots and kmans bed, it makes the place

Fav Drink:
whatever i can afford, 4 dollar wine has been the favourite lately

Last say:
lehmans a snake, top gun worst movie ever, the scottish are fucked, and devon i love you but i just dont know about that head mate!


Sam Strachan, The 8yr old alcoholic from Cronulla surfs well for his age. The young man goes to school as much as a Jew eats pork. When he grows up he wants to be a mix between his 3 idols, Shaun Pyne, Ryan Hutt, and Luke O'connor.

When hes not at his AA meetings he is generally scabbing a lift out to suck, surfing the alley, yelling abuse at innocent by standers or tuning it up on myspace.

All in all he surfs well for his age.

Here are a couple of shots.


Shaun Pyne, Local self proclaimed "Hellman" Surfs very well.... just ask him.
Here are some shots.

Mitch Oates.

Mitch Oates is a mate from Port Mac currently living in Sydney, The man behind the "7 Hours at Pipe" video.

Heres another one from him.

The Bodyboard from Mitch on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


So today i will change it up a bit and throw up some photos of things other than surfing.

A couple of sunrise shots from Friday morning and a model shot for a friend.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alex Leon.

Most people know Leo,
Local Cronulla boy who surfs the island better than most.
Heres one of him from the other day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The Island has a few locals who only come out on the rare occasion but still dominate in that line up getting pretty much what wave they want.
Take for example Kane Cox, He picked off a couple of the better ones this day and a few other days in memory. (Click for larger image)


Jared Houston, The 20yr old dirty Saffa has been creeping around Aus for a couple of months now and has been in the Nulla for a majority for his time here.
He competed in the Shark Island challenge this year but didn't get the desired result. The kid surfs incredible and luckily i have had the chance to hang out with him alot in and out of the water. The young man has also scored himself a cover of 60/40 with a big punt at OTW.

He has his own blog which he has documented some of his trip.

Over 3 sessions i got some of my best photos yet and hopefully the kid will make me some money. Here are just a few from 1 session down the coast.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Finally back online and ready to post again.
Since i havn't had net we have had some pretty fun swells and some decent island.

Here are a couple of shots from 2 Island sessions and from a sneaky session down the coast.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Havn't had internet in a week or so hence the lack of updates,

I have decided to update with a photo of Jose from a long time ago...The best island i have seen i would say.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As everyone knows Steve Wall is known for his out of focus photos so the man has decided to make a change to video i think. The video itself is a short clip from down south, He is certainly better with the video than the stills.

April Swells 09 from Ripbowl Media on Vimeo.

Multi talented.

Stand up surfers always talk about how easy it is to "boogie board".
Well John showell put it in reverse and took it to another level, Not only getting barreled on a stand up but at the one and only Cape Solander aka "OURS" and also managing a stylish roof grab.
Take note people.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Theres a new online magazine called "Scoop". Looks as though it may be a good read and will hopefully have some photos of my own in there.

Le Boogie.

I'm sure alot of you have heard about Le Boogie, Photographer Phil Gallaghers magazine project.
Well this is the trailer for the first issue which looks to be amazing.
Video stolen off Chris Gurneys Blog.

le BOOGIE magazine issue 1. from Phil Gallagher on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Left overs.

Challenging Island Part 2.

So we had the second round of the island challenge, Small but fun waves from the south a light WSW blowing and a big blue sky. I could not shoot this as i had to play hockey.

All in all Ewan rained supreme! A good night with many beers went down at 2230 into the early hours of the morning.

Nick Ormerod free surf.
Empty Point.

Da Point.

While waiting for the island comp to start a few of us sat watching set after set unload and barrel at the point, Yet most of the set waves were empties??
We all questioned why? And we came to the conclusion that most surfers in Cronulla love avoiding the barrel. Not sure why they would do this? So they can turn around the barrel and hope for some wash and do a gnarly cut back? Who knows but here are 2 prime examples of this.