Saturday, February 28, 2009


Bore-Dom: noun, the state of being bored; tedium; ennui.

While i am sitting at home being bored i figure i shall entertain myself by going through some old photos. This process is entertaining aswell as rewarding and is also tedious. Then i start to think what being "bored" is. I no the meaning of it but i mean really, being bored makes us do some unreal things, I for one have taken some of my best photos being bored, found some of the most interesting things being bored, watched some of the most inspiring/insightful shows while being bored. Most people would kill for some down time where they could consider themselves bored. But i guess with life today for some they do not have the chance to have these boring passages in there lives where there imagination can shine.

For now i will stop this bored rant and leave you with some photos i took while i was bored.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kyle Buchanan

As we are on the drive home from Cronulla Kyle is neggin out hard about how 99% of females are headcases. Midway through his rant he has an outburst and says "i wish i was just born a homo so i didn't have to deal with these crackheads, Like i couldn't turn myself gay now but i wish i was born it".

Rock 'N' Roll

Jono and Jye sharing a "moment"


After a nice drive down the mountain to Wootown we came along this lovely sunrise before heading out for a fun but frustrating surf. 3ft conditions, offshore winds made for a fun surf..But crowds and sticks made for a frustrating surf.

Browsing the Hard-drive.

Found this one of Phillip which i seemed to enjoy the colours on.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sam Strachan

Stoked for 14yr old Sam Strachan, Just been put onto the official Toys bodyboards team.
An interview and photo's can be seen here.

Photo Aaron "Baguette" Ducquet.

Recent Sessions

After a long wait between swells on the east coast we finally got some decent swell around the 2230 and surrounding suburbs. Surfed Kp's 5 times in 3 days, mystix a couple of time, patch and had a good alley session. Finally got the camera out in the ocean and shot for the first time this year. Got some good shots out cape and then of the local zebra out the island.
It was good to see baguette getting out there and shootin some fish at suck and island and getting some amazing results which can be seen at
The day seemed to going much to smoothly for my liking so to spice it up a little i got absolutely raped by young Sam Strachan which was good for a laugh and the lovely rangers at the natio through in a nice little $68 parking fine...Since then waves have been flat and have not paid the fine.


Hello all,
Thought it was time to join the blogging community/bandwagon as i am a net fiend and i am extremely bored at 241am. I will hopefully update this as much as possible mainly when i have extreme boredom or new things to rant about.

I will start with congrats too Hardy on the pipe comp. Great to see the Aussies leading the charge so far.

Photo: Alex Omerod